Video Enhancement Helps Settle Multimillion Dollar TBI Case

At MotionLit, we’re excited to roll out our innovative video enhancement service called Video Color Tracking that helps clarify your surveillance video footage when you’re presenting in the courtroom.

‘Video Color Tracking’ is a unique video enhancement technique; a two step imaging and key-framing process which allows your video to look clearer and sharper. With MotionLit’s unique process, the footage is color-coded so that the subjects’ movements in the video can be easily seen and identified.

MotionLit was recently retained on a case involving a bar fight that broke out into a violent fist fight in the middle of the street. The original surveillance footage was provided, but only showed the subjects in a blurry low-res image. With the help of the Color Tracking method, what was originally a questionable video, helped turn-the-tides in this case by showing the substantial evidence depicted in the footage.

We’ve all seen dash-cam or security footage that’s often times too dark or murky to make sense of it, which is useless in trial. With the help of our Color Tracking service the subjects in the video will be color coded, allowing viewers to visibly see the action clearly and follow along with the scene.

Our Video Color Tracking method has been instrumental in many types of cases including fights, altercations, accidents, slip and falls, and night scenes. Now you can eliminate obscure looking videos, and make better visual presentation with MotionLit’s Video Color Tracking as well as a number of other useful video tools we provide. Call us today to request samples and learn how you can take advantage of our video products and trial support services.

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