3D Animation Shows Passenger’s Lateral Rib Fracture Injuries In Paratransit Vehicle Accident

At MotionLit our customers settle their cases for six, seven, and eight figure settlements with the support of our visual aid. In this mechanism of injury animation, the comprehensive video walks you through how a paratransit vehicle was struck by a semi-truck causing the van to spin out of control and careen into the center median. The elderly passenger inside the van sustained broken rib injuries as well as other medical complications which led to his death.  

 The visuals produced by MotionLit effectively outlined the specific injuries sustained and the mechanisms of the ailments suffered by the plaintiff.

 In personal injury cases, it is often times standard practice to utilize 3D Animations and Settlement Videos for Mediation purposes to convey the message. With the help of our visual strategies and comprehensive approach at MotionLit, you can depend on the country’s leading visual team to communicate your client’s story.

 Call a MotionLit Video expert to learn how you can use visuals to swiftly settle your case with meaningful—full-valued offers.

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