Animation Depicts Vehicle Crushed Between Two Semi-Trucks in Wrongful Death Claim

To craft an effective Animation Reconstruction, it is essential to employ a strategic visual approach, carefully selecting insightful views that vividly depict the facts of your personal injury case.

This case involved the plaintiff driver who was stopped behind a big-rig truck on the far right lane of a highway due to left side road closures. Another big-rig truck came barreling down the right lane at an unsafe speed for the traffic conditions and made impact with the car, crushing it and tragically claiming the life of the driver.

MotionLit animators worked to create a 3d Animation Reconstruction of the event that would help to establish the liability of the unsafe semi-truck driver.

Data analysis was used to generate alternative angles that showed how the physics of the crash killed the victim. Utilizing source data, the animation portrayed the crush profile to the plaintiff’s vehicle as well as an overhead view that revealed the length of reaction time the truck driver had to avoid the collision.

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