Soft Tissue Damage 3D Animation Shows Developing Cellulitis Leading to Pain Impulse Trigger

In a recent soft tissue injury case, MotionLit produced a 3D Animation for R. Rex Parris, Esq., and Khail A. Parris, Esq. of the Parris Law Firm in Lancaster California, which settled for $13 Million.

The plaintiff, a woman who got pinned by a car, was working her shift as a janitor in the Tesla factory. While cleaning the floor she noticed a puddle underneath one of the Tesla model cars. She asked her co-worker to move the car, not knowing that it was only his 2nd day on the job and he had not been properly trained on how to correctly drive the vehicle. The new employee thought he had the car in reverse, but instead, it lurched forward suddenly, painfully pinning the plaintiff’s legs between two cars. As a result of the accident the plaintiff sustained soft tissue damage which later developed into sepsis due to the infection in her leg.

MotionLit produced 3D reconstruction animation which showed a walkthrough of the accident scene as well as a comprehensive mechanism of injury animation. A third animation was produced by MotionLit to portray the consequential medical condition and CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) pain syndrome that the plaintiff now suffers due to the injuries. She experienced bruising and swelling that developed into Cellulitis, and now deals with constant pain from CRPS.

This animation simplified the complex events that occur in the development of Cellulitis, and visually explained the mechanism of CRPS to a jury.

When it comes to authentic and powerful presentations, trial lawyers expert witnesses and doctors rely on MotionLit’s visual-aid to lay down their supporting facts, foundations, and opinions.
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