Elderly Woman Sustains Cervical Spine Injury From Faulty Public Bench $3.25 Million Settlement

MotionLit’s decades long experience is reflected in the results we see for our clients’ case wins. We continue to lead in visual presentations, for attorneys, helping clients’ reach the highest verdicts and settlements in the country.

Attorneys Samuel Dordulian and Arpineh Yeremian received a favorable result for their client, an elderly woman, who got injured at a medical facility while waiting for an elevator at a bench. The faulty bench collapsed when she sat down causing severe injuries to her cervical spine. MotionLit Services, Inc. was hired on by Dordulian Law Group to produce a Day-in-the-Life video presentation which helped present the complete loss of quality of life for the plaintiff.

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– Arpineh Yeremian, Esq.Dordulian Law Group

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