Animation Shows Mechanism of Injuries To Driver In Roadway Debris Case Reaches Mid Six Figure Settlement

Attorney Jason Cohen, Esq. of The Drake Law Firm secured a $500,000 settlement for his client who was forced to take damaging evasive action to avoid collision with roadway debris that had fallen from a company truck.

The plaintiff was driving when an 80 pound metal water canister fell from its load because it had not been properly secured for transportation by the driver. In seeing the canister come barreling towards her, the plaintiff made an evasive maneuver to avoid being hit. During this sudden jolt, she was severely injured and would require surgery.

What started as a low offer of $150,000, became a half a million dollar settlement when Drake Law Firm presented MotionLit Animation Reconstruction. The animations included a full Reconstruction of the incident which showcased the Mechanism of Injury sustained. This was then followed up by a comprehensive, medical animation of the cervical fusion surgery that the plaintiff was forced to endure.

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