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Attorneys Boris Koron & Kevin Salute obtained a six-figure settlement utilizing MotionLit’s 3D Animations and Medical Illustrations

Attorneys Boris Koron of Koron & Podolsky, LLP and Kevin Salute of Salute Law obtained a 6-figure settlement for their client, a woman who slipped and fell in a restaurant and suffered a transverse fracture of her patella. The attorneys utilized MotionLit’s 3D Animation services to recreate the accident scene as well as demonstrate the severe knee injury which occurred as a result.

The animation produced by MotionLit was crucial in showing the plaintiff’s patellar fracture injury in addition to the proximity of the pathway near the slip area, to the kitchen. Witness testimony was used to visually describe the mechanism of the fall that caused the injury.

Visuals can be a powerful tool in helping resolve your case with favorable results by using MotionLit’s presentation tools such as Day-in-the-Life videos, Demand Package Videos, 3D Animations, Medical Illustrations, and Trial-Tech Support services.

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