Trevor Quirk secures $20 Million Verdict with Tech Support & Visuals

Attorney Trevor Quirk of Quirk Law Firm, LLP obtained a Ventura county record verdict of $20 million for a Wrongful Death case. The plaintiff was a Ventura County resident and loving family man who was training for a marathon. One morning, he was struck and killed by a young woman who was driving her car under the influence of marijuana and Xanax. MotionLit’s Visuals and Trial Tech support helped demonstrate the liability to jurors, in helping them understand the tragic loss.

Learn more about how MotionLit’s Trial Technicians can organize your trial exhibits and manage your database seamlessly, allowing jurors to visually understand your arguments effectively, with Closing PowerPoint Graphics, Video Excerpts for impeachment clips, Animations, and many more custom video and design solutions for your case.

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“My 20M verdict was made possible by MotionLit!”
Trevor M. Quirk, Esq.Trevor M. Quirk, Esq.Quirk Law Firm

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