Siannah Boutté & Thomas Conroy Obtained a $41.6 Million Verdict With MotionLit’s Video & Trial-Tech Support Team

Attorneys Siannah Boutté and Thomas Conroy of Simon Law Group secured a $41.6 million verdict for a disturbing case where Canadian graphic novelist defendant tortured and murdered his fiancée Diana Kasian. The gruesome torture methods that he used on the mother of his child were based on a graphic novel that he had already written. The defense withdrew from this case, which meant that the plaintiff attorneys had to clearly illustrate the magnitude of horrific damages that occurred to Diana Kasian. The total verdict following a two week bench trial was $41.6 million, with $10 million in punitive damages assigned against the defendant.

The Simon Law Group utilized MotionLit’s Video and Trial Technician Support team to assist with demonstrative graphics, courtroom technology, and visual presentations during the trial. Displaying the brutal crime scene images on a big-screen TV during questioning helped the jury to understand how much pain and torture Kasian had experienced before her death. Bringing MotionLit’s cutting-edge video technology and trial tech services to this case was a crucial factor in this substantial verdict.

MotionLit is a one-stop-shop for litigators, offering complete trial services from our persuasive demand package videos and animations to our trial tech support and visuals. Call MotionLit today to learn how you can obtain your next record-breaking verdict.

“The jury always appreciate the visuals that we can offer through MotionLit.”
​-Thomas J. Conroy, Esq-Thomas J. Conroy, EsqSimon Law Group
“MotionLit is an extension of our team and they take their job seriously.”
Siannah Boutté, Esq.Siannah Boutté, Esq.Simon Law Group

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