Compelling Verdicts With Compelling Visuals for Olivier Taillieu

See how attorney Olivier Taillieu of the Dominguez Firm obtained a $1.2 million verdict utilizing MotionLit’s 3D Animation, and Trial Tech-Support services.

Attorney Olivier Taillieu of the Dominguez Firm secured a $1.2 million verdict for his client, a driver of a broken down pickup truck, who was rear-ended by another vehicle while pulling over on the side of the freeway. Upon impact the plaintiff’s car violently rolled in a three-quarter turn, causing significant spinal injuries to the plaintiff.

MotionLit produced a trial ready 3D Animation which vividly told the story, in various angles, of how the violent accident unfolded. With the proper preparation of scientific foundation, the animation was admitted as demonstrative evidence in trial, accurately representing the experts’ opinions on the events that occurred, along with the trauma experienced by the plaintiff.

While gearing up for trial, a MotionLit technician was retained to organize and upload exhibits, edit deposition video clips, setup courtroom equipment, design slides for opening statements, and create exhibit graphics for closing arguments.

MotionLit’s signature work is available at scalable rates, designed especially to fit any size case. For a relatively small investment, the results from using visuals have proven to counter back with big returns.

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