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Watch How Attorneys at Simon Law Group Obtained a $1.5 Million Verdict Utilizing MotionLit’s Video Production & Tech-Support Services

Attorneys Eric Bell and Sophie Etemadi of Simon Law Group secured a $1.5 Million verdict for their client, an elderly woman who was hit by a vehicle while she was walking on the sidewalk. The plaintiff was walking in her neighborhood when the defendant neighbor hit the plaintiff while reversing his car out of the driveway.

From case preparation to trial presentation, a MotionLit Trial Support specialist assisted with video production and exhibit preparation, including syncing deposition video, editing page/line designations, and switching video and audio playback during trial presentation.

Learn more about how you can order remote trial presentations by booking our virtual tech support for seamless video deposition playback and on-the-fly video switching during your next Zoom meeting or video conference presentation.

“I would use MotionLit every time – their work is something that the jury loves.”
Eric Bell, Esq.Eric Bell, Esq.Simon Law Group

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