A $25.3 Million Verdict Secured With MotionLit’s Trial Techs & Demonstrative Graphics

Watch the video to see how attorneys John C. Taylor and Natalie Weatherford secured a $25,300,000 verdict by utilizing MotionLit’s Trial Technician and Demonstrative Graphics services.

Attorneys John C. Taylor and Natalie Weatherford of Taylor & Ring, LLP obtained an eight-figure verdict for their client, a young man who was sexually abused for over 4 years by his former coach and boss at a Long Beach school. The plaintiff was a vulnerable teenager who worked on campus during the years of harassment, which first started as “grooming” and giving gifts. The plaintiff worked as an assistant for the perpetrator’s after-school sports program, when he started molesting the teenager on school campus. Although parents and teachers noticed the perpetrator was “touchy feely” with the plaintiff, the school administration did nothing to intervene.

In a case like this where emotional damages occurred repeatedly over several years, courtroom visuals in trial are necessary to clearly tell the victim’s story through a timeline of events and significant case documents. Emotional suffering is just as real and painful as a physical injury, but it is more difficult to see, and that is where MotionLit comes in. In this case, our Trial Technician ensured that the PowerPoint of both the opening and closing arguments in this trial were presented smoothly and accurately. MotionLit’s visual aid presented the facts of the damages claim, and guided the jury through the trauma and negligence that occurred in this case, leading to the massive final verdict.

MotionLit’s Trial services allow the jurors in your case to visually understand your arguments, with trial designs such as PowerPoint timeline graphics, deposition video excerpts, exhibit slides, animations, and many other custom video and design solutions. Our services are suitable for any size case with disputed liability or complex damages, and we work quickly and efficiently to help you secure your ideal verdict. Call today to learn more about how MotionLit’s Trial, Video, Animation, and Medical Illustration services can help you win your next record-breaking verdict!

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