Grant Riley Discusses $3.6 Million Settlement Using Demand Video & 3D Animation

Attorney Grant K. Riley of Riley Law Group, PC., obtained a $3.6 Million Settlement on behalf of his clients; four low-income families (10 children and 8 adults).

The aforementioned families were residents of a 100-year-old, 40 unit, apartment building in Los Angeles. Riley Law Group sued the current and three previous owners of the building for gross negligence and breach of the implied warranty of habitability. The property was a central for pest such as roaches, mice and bedbugs, as well as other conditions that deemed the property uninhabitable such as lead based paint, mold, lack of heating and air conditioning and more.

Six of the resident children suffered lead poisoning from living in the property and all plaintiffs had suffered, mentally and physically, from years of abuse by the various slumlords who owned the building.

Despite the absence of any insurance for lead poisoning, Riley Law Group, PC. Successfully argued that the doctrine of concurrent causation required that the insurance companies pay for all damages suffered by Plaintiffs.

Grant Riley retained MotionLit to prepare a Mediation Video complete with aerial drone photographs of the property, as well as a series of animated projections of each floor and apartment of the property that identified the numerous code violations impacting the property over an eight-year time frame.

Learn how MotionLit’s persuasive Day-in-the-Life videos, 3D Animations, and Trial Support services can help create dynamic and compelling presentations for you cases.

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