Mechanism of Injury Animation Depicts Scope of Driver Shoulder Tear In Rear-End Accident Case

Shoulder Tear In Rear - End Accident 3D Animation With Mech of Injury

Transform your rear-end accident case presentation in to a powerful showcase of your clients damages with our signature Mechanism-of-Injury Animations. In this personal injury case, the driver was stopped at a red light when a truck rear-ended the plaintiffs vehicle. From the force of the hard impact the plaintiff sustained major neck and shoulder injuries including cervical, thoracic, and lumbar disc protrusions, as well as a posterior labrum tear in the left shoulder. This compelling animation shows the mechanism of the drivers injuries in mid-action. Using Medical records and radiology imaging our team reconstructed the accident and injury animation with complete anatomical and foundational accuracy.

The MotionLit animation strategically visualize the damage to the vehicle which helped clarify the shear force of the powerful impact that bent the entire vehicles frame alignment.

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