Settlement Video Presented In Tort Case against Negligent Contractor For Fugitive Dust Emission

If you’re looking to present your tort case with an impactful presentation, Settlement Videos are a great way to convey negligence, causes of action and damages. In this fugitive dust emssion case, we combine exhibits including video depositions, witness statements, and defendant impeachment testimony, showing how a negligent contractor failed to follow proper safety guidelines and protocols when it came to an outdoor collection of excavated dirt that sat unregulated and created a health hazard to the neighboring community.

MotionLit used deposition testimony to make a visual timeline of the multiple plaintiff’s complaints involving respiratory illness and property damage. The video also weaves together contradictory email correspondence of defendant engineers who failed to enforce hazardous fugitive dust protocol, further presenting their negligence. We produced a topographic animation of the neighborhood that showed the placement of the dirt pile and the direction of flowing dust into victim’s homes.

Settlement Videos can make a huge difference when presenting the evidence in a property damage case by showing the contractors failures, and liability arguments clearly and effectively.

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