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Plaintiffs’ Obtained a Settlement More Than Double Policy Limits

I have been prosecuting habitability and lead poisoning cases for almost 10 years and it is always difficult to communicate the harm the slumlords can cause their low-income immigrant tenants. After seeing the great work that MotionLit did for me as trial techs in a recent habitability trial (great verdict!), I decided to use them in connection with a “day in the life” settlement video. What a difference this made at trial. Every time the defense came up with an argument, all the mediator had to do was press play on the video.

The defendants’ original offer was $30,000, and defendants’ rejected plaintiffs’ policy limits demand. MotionLit’s Settlement documentary effectively helped to tell the story of the plaintiffs, and how the property owner neglected to provide proper maintenance which caused serious health problems, injuries and hazardous living conditions for the tenants. The plaintiffs obtained a verdict more than double policy limits.

MotionLit hit a home run for me, my firm and, most importantly, my clients. MotionLit has proven that they are as important as my best experts. Thanks to Vahe, Vache and their wonderful team at MotionLit!

    “MotionLit has proven that they are as important as my best experts!”
    Grant K. Riley, Esq. Grant K. Riley, Esq.

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