3D Surgery Animation of Spine Injury Portrays Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

Presenting with visuals can help jurors understand your clients’ damages by guiding them through the injuries and medical procedures with the use of Animations and Illustrations provided by MotionLit.

In many cases involving nerve damage, Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) Implant animations are produced by Motionlit to depict the invasive surgery process and help the viewer to experience the trauma that the plaintiff endured because of the surgery.

This animation shows the surgical intervention that was required to help manage chronic pain. The implant of an SCS device requires incisions to be made in the back, and exposure of the bony vertebra. A portion of bone is removed to provide access for the leads. The wire leads are tunneled under the skin to a “pocket” made in the buttock region. The pulse generator is placed in the pocket under the skin, and the wire leads are connected to the generator. When turned on, the SCS device stimulates the nerves from the affected area. The electrical impulses mask the pain signals that reach the brain.

Presenting visuals by utilizing Animations, Demand Package Videos, and Medical Illustrations in settlement mediation or trial, has proven to result in higher value and better offers for your personal injury cases.

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