Animation Depicts Labor Worker’s Femoral Fractures in Faulty Construction Site Fall Injury

When presenting personal injury cases that occurred on construction sites, a 3D Animation exhibit can effectively and visually describe a fall, showcase dangerous conditions, and highlight safety code violations made in work zones.

This case involved an onsite carpenter who was working on a 2-ton column that tipped over and fell onto his legs subsequently breaking both of his femurs. Had a safety brace been properly secured to the concrete column form, the foundation would have sustained and the tragic incident avoided.

The MotionLit Animation Reconstruction of the incident showcases the impact of the fall and visualizes the Mechanism of Injury within the plaintiff’s crushed legs caused by the 2000 pound concrete form. A proposed scenario was animated to highlight the safety violations that led to the concrete column’s fall and then juxtaposed with an alternative scenario in which the structure was properly installed and safely maintained. 

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