Illustration Exhibit Shows Post-Operative Medical Negligence Led To Plaintiffs Death

MotionLit’s Mechanism of Injury Illustration Breaks Down Complex Injury Case

When you’re preparing to try a complex injury or malpractice case, MotionLit’s comprehensive illustrations can help clearly establish your client’s injury and surgical procedures. This courtroom exhibit was used in a plaintiff personal-injury case during expert testimony to explain to a jury the mechanism of negative pressure pulmonary edema.

This case involved a woman who underwent a routine tummy tuck, but ultimately passed away due to postoperative complications of anesthesia removal. An autopsy revealed severe, bilateral, pulmonary edema. This panel served as a key demonstrative to clearly and effectively show a jury how negative pressure pulmonary edema can occur.

The medical illustrators at MotionLit are skilled in computer graphics and visual communication, who also possess knowledge and experience in medicine and science. Medical illustrations communicate a large amount of complex information quicker and are more compelling and memorable than oral descriptions.

Multiply your case results, not your trial expenses by producing compelling demonstratives with MotionLit Video, Trial, & Design services. Call us today to order your next custom medical art or choose from our online library collection.

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