Three Way Car Accident Resulting In Spine Injury Leads To Spinal Cord Implant Procedure

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In serious PI cases that involve “pain management”, MotionLit Procedure Animations, such as the implant of a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS), effectively portray the procedure. This animation shows the surgical intervention that was required to help better manage chronic pain. The implant of a SCS device requires incisions to be made in the back, and exposure of the bony vertebra. A portion of bone is removed to allow room for the leads. The lead wires are tunneled under the skin to a “pocket” made in the buttock region. The pulse generator is placed in the pocket under the skin, and the lead wires are connected to the generator. When turned on, the SCS device stimulates the nerves in the affected area. The electrical impulses mask the pain signals from reaching the brain.

The plaintiff was involved in a three-vehicle traffic collision. She was rear-ended by a Freightliner truck, causing her to collide into the vehicle in front of her. The impact caused back pain that could not be relieved with chiropractic intervention or medication. Radiology taken of her spine showed multi-level disc protrusions, and neuroforaminal narrowing with indentation of the nerve roots.

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