$975,000 settlement with the help of MotionLit’s 3D Animation Accident Reconstruction video.

Attorney Minh T. Nguyen of Nguyen Lawyers, ALC secured a $975,000 settlement for their client, a man who severely injured his knee from tripping on a broken stairstep at his apartment building. The plaintiff was aware of the broken step and had repeatedly asked the landlord to fix it. The building took no action, and as a result, caused the plaintiff to suffer from a transverse fracture of his patella. He went through an invasive knee surgery, but he was still in pain a year after due to an attenuated patella alta (displaced kneecap) from his fall. His apartment building ignored their legal obligation to fix the dangerous stairstep, making them especially negligent for being aware of the danger and failing to make their apartment building safe enough for their residents.

MotionLit’s Mechanism of Injury animation clearly illustrated the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries as well as the vulnerable conditions of the broken staircase. The 3D animation was instrumental in showing the premises liability for this case, facilitating their negotiation to a proper settlement in order to avoid trial.

Ordering animation from MotionLit early on in your case gives a clear video illustration of how the accident occurred, which can help prepare your witnesses, depositions, and more. Call MotionLit today to learn how you can use compelling visual presentations to help you win your next case.

“MotionLit helps you present technical aspects to the jury and bring your case to life.”
Minh Nguyen, Esq.Minh Nguyen, Esq.Nguyen Lawyers

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