Turn Up Your Trial Presentation Visuals With Courtroom Technician Support By Your Side

There’s a common practice amongst leading trial lawyers who win multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements when trying civil suits—they utilize trial support technicians to help run their presentations. Now you can get the visual AV support you need with our Trial Technicians by your side, to help playback exhibits and run technology so you can focus on presenting your case. 

With over two decades in the legal industry, our experienced Trial Technicians can run your presentation so you can do more in the courtroom, such as present demonstratives evidence, display synchronized depositions, edit impeachments clips on-the-fly, as well as playback exhibit slides and demonstratives for opening arguments, and closing statements.

We offer a daily and weekly trial package for attorneys who are looking for courtroom trial technicians and operators to prepare your database and load your trial exhibits for go time.

Contact one of our trial technicians and take control in the courtroom with our Litigation support services. 

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