Injured Home Buyer In TBI Case Reaches Mid Seven Figure


Learn how Attorney Gerry Marcus reached a mid-seven figure settlement with MotionLit 3D Animation Reconstruction and Settlement Video.

Attorney Gerald Marcus of The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus secured a substantial settlement for his client who fell down a 9 foot open hatch in the floor of a potential new home after being left alone and unaware by the realtor showing the home.

The plaintiff was touring the house when he suddenly fell 9 feet through a hole in the ground into an underground wine cellar. The force of the fall caused his head to hit the floor which lead to his suffering a brain bleed and a subsequent traumatic brain injury. In addition to the realtor neglecting to warn the client of the open hatch, the design of the hatch door and stairs leading down to the cellar were not built to code and caused dangerous premises for potential home buyers.

Gerry partnered with MotionLit to produce a 3D Animation of the incident that showcased the faulty design, the impact of the fall, and the mechanism of the traumatic brain injury. In addition to the animations, MotionLit produced a Settlement Video highlighting the key arguments in liability with edited witness depositions testimony. The edited witness impeachment clips helped to call-out the witnesses’ falsified testimony and credibility. The results ultimately lead to a confidential, seven figure settlement in a case where defendants swore they would never pay out more than $100,000.

MotionLit’s visual presentation strategies help bring substantial offers to the table for settlement mediations and in trial. As Gerry Marcus explains, when both animation and video editing are used cohesively, the defense attorney’s watch it for hours before returning with a sizable payout.

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