Drunk Driving Crash Results In $20 Million Wrongful Death Verdict

R. Rex Parris of Parris law firm obtains $20 Million Verdict
utilizing MotionLit Video Production and Trial Support Technicians

Trial attorney R. Rex Parris, Esq. of Parris Law Firm obtained a $20 Million verdict for his client who was tragically killed when a drunk driver veered into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into the plaintiff vehicle in 2018. Geico insurance was accused of using aggressive and prejudicial tactics to avoid paying out the family of the deceased which only prolonged their suffering. The Parris Law Firm hired MotionLit to create demonstratives and operate their presentation in the courtroom by organizing the exhibit database including syncing deposition transcripts, Powerpoints for opening and closing arguments, and creating impeachment clips. A MotionLit “Hot-Seat” Operator ran the courtroom technology ensuring a smooth and synchronized presentation throughout the duration of the trial highlighting key evidence with speed and efficiency. Learn how MotionLit Video and Trial Support services can boost your courtroom presentation by creating simple and powerful visuals that can multiply the value of your case. MotionLit.com | (855) 850-0650

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