SHAWN MCCANN VIDEO DISCUSSES $3.1M Verdict In Propane Explosion Case

Trial Attorney Lauren Horwitz and Shawn McCann of Banasheh, Danesh & Javid, PC, obtained a $3.1 Million verdict on behalf of his client the plaintiff, who suffered severe burns to his lower extremities from an unexpected propane explosion.

The Plaintiff was standing near a propane tank when it suddenly exploded and he was engulfed in flames suffering burns to his lower legs. As a result, the Plaintiff had to undergo skin graft procedure as well as suffering long term physical limitations such as ongoing pain, discomfort, and PTSD.

Shawn McCann retained MotionLit to produce a comprehensive and “trial-ready” 3D Animation of a skin graft procedure, which detailed what the plaintiff had to undergo as a result of the devastating accident. Additionally the skin graft animation provided a step-by-step walk-through of the procedure which helped educate the jury on the process. MotionLit also produced a detailed Day-In-The-Life video which highlighted the activities of daily living that the plaintiff continues to suffer post-trauma.

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