Summer Camp Accident Leads to a Seven Figure Settlement for Laura Sedrish & Laura Davidson

Watch how Laura Sedrish & Laura Davidson obtained a substantial settlement by utilizing MotionLit’s Animation Services.

At a church summer camp at Lake Mead, a 16-year old girl jumped off a cliff equivalent in height to a three-story building, as part of the aquatics activities offered by the church. She hit the water so hard that her thoracic spine suffered two compression fractures at T-7 and T-4, which led to life-long chronic pain. Partners Laura Sedrish and Laura Davidson contended that the injuries were caused by the church’s grossly unsafe camp practices, inadequate supervision, and failing to provide lifeguards or any training to its counselors. After defeating an aggressive summary judgment motion, the “Lauras” hired MotionLit to help visualize the injuries during expert discovery to increase damages. With an initial offer of $300,000, the case settled two weeks before trial for multiples of that figure, in part due to the help of MotionLit’s animation.

MotionLit produced a 3D Animation, supported by biomechanical opinion and radiological studies to graphically and compellingly portray the injuries to the young girl. Our team used scientific data and expert findings to recreate the accident through a mechanism of injury animation. Being able to visually see the injury through a 3D animation helps jurors to understand the severe damages that occurred to this young girl’s spine. When it comes to complex biomechanical injuries, animations are the ideal visual to illustrate exactly what happened inside the body at the time of the accident. A mechanism of injury animation displays the facts of the accident in a clear and visually appealing way, so that you can properly make your arguments to win your case.

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