Pedestrian Suffers Avulsion Injuries In Bus Accident Case Reaches $3 Million Settlement

Attorney Gerald Marcus, Esq. of The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus secured a substantial settlement for his client whose leg was broken and degloved when he was hit by a city bus.

The plaintiff was waiting to board the bus and when it arrived he proceeded to gather his belongings. In this short moment, the bus driver decided to close his doors. The plaintiff attempted to get his attention by approaching the curb when the bus pulled away, knocking him over and running over his left leg.

The firm retained MotionLit who prepared a compelling video timeline of events that included 3D Animation Reconstruction depicting the steps that lead up to the point of impact. The animation also captured the Mechanism of Injury showing how the impact could have caused the devastating injury that mangled the plaintiffs leg. Animations of the complex operation performed on his leg were also produced by MotionLit showing the intense skin grafting procedures and bone repair surgery. A MotionLit Settlement video was also prepared to portray the diminished quality of life that the plaintiff will now endure.

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