Damages Video Depicts Workplace Accident When Security Guard Falls From Ladder

In a workplace injury case, grasping the emotional and physical damages your client faces can be difficult for the opposing side. Visually portraying the catastrophic life changes your client has suffered with a MotionLit Settlement Video is more impactful than relaying the facts without imagery. In this example, we assisted in relaying the facts of a case where a security guard was working on a 15 foot ladder to open seals on the back of a delivery box truck when the truck suddenly drove off, leaving her to fall and shatter her leg.

By bringing a Settlement Video produced by MotionLit into mediation, the firm behind this case was able to comprehensively present the trauma of the incident, the liability, and the damages. MotionLit uses medical imaging, surveillance video, client photos, day-in-the life footage, and high-quality interviews with the plaintiff and their family to weave together a presentation that is both effective and visually compelling.

Convey the emotional value in your personal injury claim by presenting the full scope of non-economic damages and humanize your case with MotionLit Settlement videos.

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