Demand Video of Injured Claimant Prompts $8.5 Million Settlement In Dangerous Roadway Case

In most cases, our clients reach favorable verdicts and settlements utilizing visual aid such as our signature Demand Package Videos, Animations, and Medical Illustrations in order to help garner larger settlement outcomes for personal injury claims. There are a number of ways you can, too, by presenting recoverable damages arguments in ways that words alone can’t describe – utilizing the power of Videos, Animations, and Illustrations to present your case. Our products and services can be used to present hard to describe feelings such as emotional trauma, pain and the experience of terror involving types of cases including:

     • catastrophic injury
     • wrongful death
     • medical malpractice
     • product liability
     • insurance bad faith
     • TBI
     • MTBI
     • plus more.

Stay tuned for our upcoming case study video on this recent settlement, and visit our Video Gallery to gain insights from leading trial lawyers on how to obtain larger outcomes with visuals and demonstratives.

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