Laundry Room Flash Fire Leaves Man With Severe Leg & Arm Burns

Substantial Offers Made With Substantial Visual Evidence

In a northern California case involving a burn injury, MotionLit’s 3D Trial Animation was used to portray a flash fire incident that caused significant injuries to the plaintiff. A propane gas leak from a faulty flex hose connection filled the laundry room with propane leaking out like trickle out of a garden hose. Within 10 minutes the room filled up with 14 inches of propane, and entered the water heater ignition chamber through the intake vent, catching fire and injuring the plaintiff.

Product Defects cases can become difficult to describe to jurors when explaining how products fail or malfunction. Pairing your trial presentation with a 3D Animation can effectively and comprehensively explain the defective mechanisms in ways words can’t. Let MotionLit produce your next 3D Animation in order to simplify your presentation with more favorable results!

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