See how Colin M. Jones secured a $4.75 million settlement utilizing a Demand Package Video, Animation, and Medical Illustration.

Colin M. Jones, Esq. of Wilshire Law Firm obtained a $4.75 million settlement for his elderly clients who were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Plaintiffs were on their way to visit family when defendant truck struck the Plaintiffs’ vehicle causing spinal injuries. The Plaintiffs needed extensive medical treatment and pain management in order to cope with their ongoing pain from their loss.

MotionLit’s Demand Package Video affectively told the story of the clients, and portrayed physical demands suffered by the plaintiffs. The video also helped visually assess the damages claim, and show the medical attention required to care for Plaintiffs.

MotionLit’s settlement video tools are time tested and proven that small investments add big value to your case, by packaging your damages case and liability claim into a short and concise video. Learn how MotionLit can help you keep your winnings up and your costs down!

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