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See how attorneys Roger Booth and Carly Sanchez secured a $1,375,000 settlement utilizing MotionLit’s Demand Package Video and Demonstrative Graphics.

Attorneys Roger E. Booth and Carly L. Sanchez of Booth & Koskoff obtained a $1,375,000 settlement for their client, a 2-year old girl who had a mentally ill and pregnant mother. The mother gave birth to her little sister at home, but the baby died during childbirth or shortly after. For months, the family of the mother had been contacting Riverside County authorities, expressing their concerns for child neglect, but nothing serious was done to intervene. Finally, authorities responded to the family’s apartment due to a bad smell complaint, where they found the 2-year old girl cuddling her little sister, a mummified infant which had been rotting in the apartment for 2 weeks.

In this case, the young girl was too young to fully express the pain and suffering she experienced, and that’s where MotionLit’s Demand Video was effectively utilized to help tell the story. Through video interviews the plaintiff’s extended family was able to express their concern of child neglect, and discuss their multiple attempts to alert county protective services of these concerns. The video helped visualize the damages and liability of this tragic case by featuring the plaintiff, their family and friends with heartbreaking video interview coverage about the emotional struggles.

MotionLit’s Demonstrative Timelines were also produced to help comprehensively establish the sequence of events and misconduct that took place over a period of time that led to this tragedy.

In nearly any type of case from traumatic brain injury, auto-accidents, product defects to abuse or employment cases, visuals can be used to enhance your presentation by displaying the facts of the case and tell your story in a concise and compelling way.

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