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Jon Teller obtained a $1.65 million settlement utilizing MotionLit’s Demand Package Video and Animation services.

Attorney Jon C. Teller of Wilshire Law Firm obtained a $1.65 million settlement for his client, a pedestrian who was walking in a crosswalk when she was suddenly struck by a driver. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff suffered significant injuries to her spine, and underwent multiple back surgeries. In order to display the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, MotionLit prepared a Demand Package Video which described the trauma told through the eyes of the plaintiff, her family and friends.

MotionLit also prepared a 3D Animation which presented the accident, and visualized the injury-mechanism inside the plaintiff’s body during impact, helping to further clarify the disputed liability and damages claim.

Using biomechanical analysis and reconstruction data, MotionLit produced compelling evidence that supported the facts of the case as well as expert witness testimony.

To help establish the invasive surgeries that the plaintiff had to undergo, MotionLit’s illustration artist created detailed Medical Illustrations of the procedures that were performed after the accident.

The visuals were combined into a Demand Video, which also included Day-in-the-Life and client interview footage. The video presented the complete facts of the case including causation, liability themes, and damages to the plaintiff.

Learn how you can create compelling visual presentations to help turn those low-ball offers, into substantial settlements with MotionLit trial support services including; Demand Package Videos, Animations, Medical Illustrations, Trial Technicians, and Exhibit Graphic Designs.

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“MotionLit’s visuals and animations make the case so much easier to describe to the jury.”
Jon C. Teller, Esq. Jon C. Teller, Esq. Wilshire Law Firm

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