Animations Depict Plaintiff’s Slip and Fall Injuries In Grocery Store Incident Reaches $4 Million Settlement

See How Attorneys Daniel Desantis and Bobby Saadian
Secured a $4 Million Settlement Utilizing 3D Animation

Attorneys Daniel Desantis, Esq. and Bobby Saadian, Esq. of Wilshire Law Firm secured a $4 Million settlement for their client who unfortunately fell victim to a slip and fall incident after coming into contact with water on a grocery store floor.

The plaintiff was picking up some groceries when she slid on water that was left on the ground after employees allowed unattended frozen items to thaw for a long period of time, creating a dangerous environment for its shoppers. When she fell, she hit her head on her shopping cart and then landed on the ground causing a concussion and serious neck and back injuries.

After an initial $0 offer from opposing insurance lawyers, Wilshire Law Firm brought MotionLit on to create 3D Animated visuals, including an accident reconstruction of the slip and fall incident, the mechanism of injuries to her head and back, and subsequent surgical procedures that the plaintiff endured.

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